Pro Roofers

Pro Roofers

Meet Pro Roofers

Joshua- Owner. Eagle Scout. Up early and out late to get the job done right! Enjoys self improvement books, mountain biking, pickle ball, and spending time with his family when he isn't up on a roof!

Bekah- Owner. Social Media Specialist & Marketing. Has never set foot on a roof and never plans to! She's amazing at everything she does. Good is never good enough! She will always go above and beyond to make things perfect! Bekah juggles life with two wonderful kids all while having fun and sneaking in time for herself when she can.

Adam- Project Specialist. Eagle scout. A hard working, team player! He's always willing to help, even when it's not his responsibility. Adam loves basketball fanatically and has a great sense of humor! Enjoys wake boarding, boating and all things extreme. Adam gets along with everyone! He's the best looking guy in the company according to himself!

Malaki- Project Specialist. A motivated, hard working team player! He is kind and friendly, always encouraging to those he's around! He is always looking to improve himself and be the best he can be! Malaki loves to play sports and hustles the whole time! He also has the coolest hair in the company!